Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I am alway hungry

I have just discovered thanks to the guys fromFormFiftyFive this amazing portfolio site from Nessim Higson. The site has got to be one of the most smoothest and fast running sites of its kind that I've ever seen. Its functionality is amazing and pleases me in so many ways. I find it so refreshing to see site like this, sites that are different from the norm, and something a little more exciting than an indexhibit or Blogger. Note I do have a indexhibit site and I use blogger.

Nessim describes his site “The site shell is a reaction to standardization. It’s meant to challenge the concept of space and how it’s perceived within ye olde browser window. It will undoubtably frustrate some, but may contribute to a large laugh and / or smile for others. It’s more experiment and temporary in nature than stiff and permanent.”